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What are the 4 Most Common Online Soccer Bets and How to Win Them

Do You Have a Winning Betting Strategy?

At least 70% of the global sporting audience loves soccer (football if you live in Europe). Even more surprising, at least 65% of all soccer fans like placing online soccer bets on this beautiful game. And why not? There is plenty of punters out there that claim they make money with sports betting – some even full-time. And when you speak to them, they all say the same thing: winning is in the strategy. It is with this in mind that we bring you the four most popular online soccer bets, what they mean, and most importantly, how to improve your chances of winning – almost every time, when you place your soccer bets online.

Soccer is a complex game, and judging by the sheer size of this popular sport worldwide; is here to stay. The experts tell us that all you need to place a winning soccer bet is some good knowledge of the game, passion, understanding of the most common betting terms and most importantly a truckload of luck. Go on! You may just make some good money! Let’s start with the most common soccer bets commonly seen by almost every sport bookmaker today:

  • Match Result (home, draw, away)
  • Halftime/Fulltime (Double Bet)
  • Correct Score (after full time)
  • Draw no Bet (excludes the chance of a draw and returns your stake if this happens)

Match Result Bet

Commonly known as one of the most popular online soccer bets by far. Very simply put, when you place this type of bet, you gamble on whether your team will win at home or away. In the event where no team wins, the result will be a draw. Home, draw, away. Pretty straight forward right? Well, statistically, even though match result bets are common, they don’t always pay the dividends as in most cases there are a lot of guess work involved.

Our advice is, if you are going to place a match result bet on soccer, do so on well known Leagues, for example the English Premier League. Plus, be sure to back your decision on the strength of your team and their history of winning in similar events in the past. There is a good chance that 60% of the time you will be right following a short odds favourite.

Furthermore, if you do your homework, and know the form of the teams coming into the game, 60% of the time you will be right following a short odds favourite. Really experienced punters often put 3 or 4 short priced favourites together and beg the footballing Gods for no draws. Another method is to bet on soccer matches while they are live in play.  This way you can keep your eyes on the game whilst it is happening in real time. Many online betting websites lets you do just this, and some even allows you to remove your bet in time if you see your team is on a losing streak. Very nifty indeed.

Halftime/Fulltime (Double Bet)

Much like the name suggests, you have to make two correct decisions in order to win this type of online soccer bet. You have to determine who is leading at halftime and at fulltime, and whether either half or fulltime will be a drawn score. This logically means that you then have SIX different options to bet on; thus increasing your chances for a terrific Win!

For example; you can bet on the outcome of the first half, as well as the entire game (fulltime) with these three options (each). Home team lead, Draw or Away team leads. Our experts say that this is a great bet for Cup competitions or complete League mismatches, where a simple win bet is not even worth the effort. Here you can take two small prices for a 1/2 or 3/5 return. Another winning soccer betting strategy would be to put a few of these together in an accumulator with multiple legs to maximize on the outcome. It may be well worth the effort!

Correct Score Soccer Bet

This one is probably the hardest of the four most common online soccer bets. In the fact, unless you are clairvoyant or have a hand in the result, this is type of bet is based on pure guess work. We recommend this method only in a soccer betting strategy where there is a clear favourite. Especially in the event where the teams are evenly matched, and literally anything can happen in a match.

What makes this bet a winning one is the fact that the odds are far higher than any regular “Number of goals” bets. With a correct score soccer bet, punters  bet on the exact outcome of the entire 90-minute score for each team. If you think you know the number of goals in the match, but not which side will score them, then this is a great bet for you to take a chance with. It will also allow you to predict the number of goals in the half or indeed the full game.

Draw No Bet

If you like to limit your chances of losing a soccer bet and have a feeling the game might be a draw, then this is the bet for you. As the name suggests punters can bet on a home or away win and if a draw occurs, your stake is returned. Sound great doesn’t it? Sadly odds draw no bet are lower than the alternatives mentioned in the soccer betting strategies above.

Some say however, that risk reduction is important when participating in online sports gambling. This is one way of limiting yours. It’s a thinking mans bet and one of my favourites.

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The Most Popular Soccer Bets Made by Punters Worldwide

Soccer is still a complex game with hundreds of eventualities, but the well-informed punter has a much better a chance of winning if they know some of the betting ins-and-outs. In conclusion, if you study the form, watch the games, your chances of successfully winning with these 4 most common soccer bets will increase tenfold. Some people will tell you there is a formula to this, but in reality it’s just knowing what you are doing. Happy Betting Sportsfans!

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